20 November 2013

How To Prepare Exams In Less Time, Exam Preparation Tips

How To Prepare For Exams | Last Minute Study Tips For Exams - Dear candidates whether you are going to appear in written exam for academic or for a job doesn’t matter because mostly student  thinks that they can prepare easily but as soon as exam date comes near tension increase about to completion of the study.

Some simple exam preparation tips to give yourself to best chance How to Prepare for Exams in Less Time:

              I.      SELF STUDY: First & most important point is self study It is necessary that you must ask questions about the direction where your future in going. Self-study is a genre of research concerned with examining the role of the educator within professional practice settings their students’ learning. Self-study functions as a means of better understanding the complex nature of teaching and learning and of stimulating educational change. Self-study is that you start to learn things about yourself that might be unpleasant. Self-study can show weaknesses, shortcomings, deliberation, bad habits, and less-than-attractive behavior of which you either weren’t aware or have been ignoring for year
            II.       Take overview: All students take an overview of the full syllabus of the exams and then just check the topic of all units which are confirmed and important for upcoming exam.  

          III.      Concentration: Concentration is other important point to  sit for study as you have less time to appear in the examination..

          IV.      Positive Thinking or positive stress: Positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health. Practice overcoming negative self-talk with examples provided. Thinking decides the result and work also which is ever done in any circumstances. Stress is not always negative because some times it works in motivating and improving performance

            V.      Use Creative Techniques: If students find their subjects boring, they can convert their chapters into different types of games such as repetition, flash cards and mnemonics. Students should sit with their notebook and write over and over, draw flowcharts or flash cards with information on them and go over them regularly, design funny rhymes or attractive word to help remember the points.

          VI.      Write Neat and Present Well: presentation is another to show your talent or knowledge When students write neatly and present their answer sheet in a proper manner , they have more chances of scoring high marks. Many times the teacher is not able to read all the answers but if she gets impressed by the way it has been presented then it would definitely lead to less deduction of marks.

        VII.      Study at Night: time is possibly the most important factor .Study at night is very effective for the last minute studies because you can concentrate more at night as no other work will remind you except studies 

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